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Why KnowbleReader is the Most Effective and Fun Way to Learn a Language​

Today, English is spoken by 1.75 billion people according to the British Council. That’s an outstanding figure considering that it’s about a quarter of the world’s population.

Additionally, the demand for speaking English will only go up. By 2020, the British Council predicts that two billion people will be speaking or learning English.

But learning English as a second language (ESL) is not easy. For most, it’s quite a challenge considering that English has a relation to only a couple of languages in the world: Scots, Frisian, Dutch, German and maybe Norwegian.

For the majority of the world, English is a labyrinth filled with complications.

Hence, learning a language through a traditional approach has its limits. Using an English book and an English teacher in a classroom setting can only go. Considering that learning a new language is time-consuming, it requires constant practice outside the classroom.

On the contrary, in the digital world, there are various tools available online that'll help you learn English. Apps like Duolingo, Kahoot, Babble, Busuu or Facebook groups, will enable you to learn by your schedule.

But these apps don’t always benefit the reader and some of them just scratch the surface in regards to teaching a language.

Duolingo offers the thin layer of language learning materials, most reaching only up to A2 level max following the CERF model. Then there are Facebook groups, which can be overwhelming with the number of posts and comments that occur every day. Lastly, Google Translate doesn’t always understand real-world, colloquial expressions or proper syntax that native speakers use every day.

These apps have their appropriate time and place for language learning. But there is another tool out there that can help you learn English without these limitations. It’s called KnowbleReader.

KnowbleReader demo image

Unlike the online tools aforementioned, Knowble Reader, helps you learn on-the-go while browsing real-world English articles from recognizable English publications.

It does this by building an on-going learning profile matching your English proficiency. As you progress your learning, articles will increase in vocabulary difficulty, syntax and expressions.

You can download it for free here >KnowbleReader<.

In the end, it takes time to learn English. In fact, it’ll probably take years to perfect it.

By taking small actions like downloading KnowbleReader and staying committed will have a dramatic impact on your learning. A little practice every day goes far. Using tools like KnowbleReader will soon become second-nature. The extension is always on and ready to go, thus learning English easily integrates into your daily life. You’ll start to pick up all sorts of English words just from reading the daily paper through KnowbleReader.

So good luck in your English learning journey and download the extension today!

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